Combining the Art and Science of Moving

Featuring Beau Roskow

What we will cover during this session

Join us for Supermove’s "Ask the Experts" series to learn how to look at both the science (data/financials) + art (moving) to run your moving business with Beau Roskow, Vice President at Naglee Moving and Storage. Beau's Corporate America background allowed him to have a fresh perspective when joining Naglee Moving, a United agent based in New York. We'll be discussing everything from how to look at profit margins to finding a solid niche to grow in.

Hosted and moderated by Heidi Liou from Supermove. Here is a quick preview of what we will cover.

The Moving Expert

Beau Roskow

Vice President at Naglee Moving and Storage

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This might be the easiest move you’ll ever make.

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