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How Dose Moving automated paperwork to unlock growth

Meet Marilee Dose, Founder and CEO of Dose Moving & Storage in Phoenix, AZ.

Marilee and her husband Patrick started the company back in 2014 with only a truck and a U-Haul. 2020 was their best year yet and Dose Moving was recently awarded a prestigious 5-year contract with the City of Phoenix. They're one of the top moving companies in the valley because of their strong team of movers and transparent pricing. With a repeat customer rate of 80%, they make running a business look easy. Their success made us wonder, what's their secret?

What's unique about Dose Moving?

"Our pricing is what makes us different. I hear from other customers of various moving companies how unhappy they are when a bunch of fees get added on after the move is done. With us, we charge hourly and have no hidden fees." Dose has a transparent business model than most other moving companies that charge for hidden fees, and they've made it work well. In addition to their up-front pricing, all of their movers go through a 7-year background check and abide by a strict no-smoking policy during moves.

What's helped your company continue to grow year after year?

"In the beginning years, I felt bogged down from all of the different tasks of running a company. There was always so much paperwork," Marilee explains. She needed to automate the manual work, and for her, finding a platform like Supermove was a game changer. "Once I started using Supermove, I was able to save 10+ hours each week, while doing everything I could before. I finally had time to focus on growth."

A lot of moving companies today are still using paper to run their business: paper calendars to schedule their jobs, paper bill of ladings, and payroll done on paper. "For those that feel comfortable with paperwork and are used to it, once you switch you over, you will never go back. You will look at all those banker boxes in your storage and go: why did I do this for so long?" Marilee now has a mantra she repeats for other companies that look up to hers: "You gotta get automated. You gotta get with the times or you're going to get left behind. Get rid of that paperwork."

Shifting the focus

"It freed up several hours a day for me not to have to do the constant paperwork, and that brings more money to the bottom line because I am able to focus on building the company." This is every business owners' dream: working ON the business and not IN the business. For some ideas of how to bring in more revenue for your moving company, look to expand your services – take a look into fine art, auto, and government moves.

Transitioning from a paper process (or a different software) to Supermove can seem overwhelming but we work with our customers step-by-step and do all the heavy lifting. "The platform is so simple and easy to use, which made the transition just as easy."

Looking at the data

The first step to growing any business is automating the manual work. Step two is looking at the data for areas of improvement and focusing your attention on what's working. "I love the reporting that Supermove has because I'm able to understand how my business is doing and dig into the details."

Our most viewed reports include "Confirmations sent by specific salespeople" and "Completed jobs by referral channel". Once you see the data, you're able to understand how and where to increase your moving leads. We provide easily digestible reports with graphs that are especially useful when planning capacity for peak season.

All-hands support

We've invested heavily in customer support. When it comes to any tech issues, we will do everything we can to make sure our customers are happy. "If I have one little issue, I just email or call the team and it gets addressed immediately. That's what I tell everybody else: you're never going to get the customer service from any other platform."

Every customer gets connected to our customer success team, all based in the US. You'll always have a direct contact to reach out to for real-time support.

Keeping tips through payroll

Every move ends with the customer reviewing, signing, and paying the bill on site. Our digital BOL which customers sign on a tablet also include a screen to tip the movers. One of Marilee's favorite parts of Supermove is the payroll feature that automatically calculates the tips, dividing it up between the movers on each job. "Before, I was just doing it manually - the hours, the tips, everything."

What’s one word you would use to describe Supermove?

"I'd like to give you every good word in the dictionary. You and your team have been so great to work with," says Marilee. "That's what sets Supermove apart, the group of people working there that really care."

Any last words?

"If you have to do one thing for your company, switch to Supermove."