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Supermove Employee Spotlight: Alec Neumeyer, Enterprise Account Executive

Alec Neumeyer, Enterprise Account Executive

Say hello to this week’s employee spotlight, Alec Neumeyer! Get to know a member of our sales team and hear about his experience at Supermove.

As an Enterprise Account Executive at an early stage startup, Alec works closely with our founders to turn the current founder-led sales process into a scalable, revenue generating machine. He’s constantly staying up to date with the competitive landscape and changes in the moving industry. Selling software to movers is no easy task, but he’s passionate about helping business owners find a better way of running their business, with less paper! We spoke with Alec to get some insight into his sales world.

Describe Supermove in 3 words.

Simple. Dynamic. Innovative.

What does your day-to-day as an Account Executive look like?

I talk to a TON of movers everyday. What’s amazing about those conversations is that the industry is overwhelmingly ready for technology to change the way movers move. For many companies they have been using the same processes for over 50 years without any significant changes! So when I talk to these movers and they get to see what we’ve been up to, there’s audible sigh’s of relief that finally a team is there to show them how software can serve their business, instead of trying to change their business in order to use software.

What’s something unique about the moving industry that most people don’t know?

One things that’s really unique about movers is that the industry is very family-centered: Brothers working together, husband and wife, and many parents working with their daughters and sons. These families have build a proud legacy with brands older than some states have been in the US! What I’ve learned is that when I meet moving companies, it’s almost always a family that runs the business and their partnerships in the community are often decades old. It makes me proud to be able to positively impact such established organizations with a new way of being great.

How do you feel you’ve grown since you joined Supermove?

Coming from a much larger company I was used to specializing in a specific set of skills and repeating those skills to maximize my personal statistics. Supermove allows me to experience much more of the full business and actually encourages me to participate in more areas. I’ve been able to contribute to our interviewing process, product marketing, process building, onboarding, and gain experience managing. On a flight I was on last week, I spent 3 hours drawing what I envisioned our app should look like in 2-3 years - I’ve never done that in a previous job before!

What’s a secret talent you have that no one knows about?

At one point in time I could filet a salmon in less than 30 seconds.

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