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How Affordable Moving grew by more than 50% in 2020

Steve Jay, General Manager

Meet Steve, GM of Affordable Moving based in Los Angeles, California.

Steve and Affordable Moving had 7 trucks when we first flew down to meet them in sunny Los Angeles, California. A year later, Affordable now services moves across Southern California with a fleet of 20 trucks. This growth is ridiculously impressive, especially in a market as saturated as LA.

And what's even more mindblowing... the team increased revenue by 52% in 2020, even during Covid-19!

We asked Steve, "How does life before and after Supermove compare?"

"We're making money while we're asleep"

Before Affordable Moving partnered with us, their quoting process was the standard process most moving companies have: Customers have to call in during business hours, provide their information, and wait for a quote. This process was fine, but up to a point. Everyday felt extremely busy. The team was constantly on the phone, writing down customer names and addresses, preparing quotes and paperwork more than actually talking to and understanding the customers' needs. Even with only 7 trucks, their whole staff was putting in 12-hour work days. That rapidly changed with Supermove.

According to Steve, "we're now able to have customers book on their own through our website and some jobs come in at 2 or 3 in the morning. In a sense, we're now making money while we're asleep." And for customers that still prefer speaking on the phone, Steve can get their information in less than a minute and put everything into the same system so that all leads stay organized.

Seamless communication

"Before Supermove, the booking process was extremely manual. We would type in the customer's information into a word doc, send the attachment in an email, and scramble to try and confirm the moves after." Steve recently started to use a new feature so that follow-up messages are sent automatically to the customer to confirm details. With the automated email and text reminders, a lot of time and money has been saved because they now confirm moves quickly and cancel moves early when necessary. No more playing phone tag just to remind customers to sign a quote.

They used to work with an answering service but there were alway communication gaps. With Supermove, they didn't need that service anymore. "Now it is so easy for customers to input special instructions which makes the whole move experience better from the customer all the way to the movers."

Going paperless

Picture this: stacks of paper all over the office, a white board filled with handwritten notes, and file cabinets that are never going to disappear. If you look around your office... can you relate? If so, you're not alone. The more your company diversifies into new areas, the more important it is to have a paperless workflow. "We used to have to print out every single job. Now there's no more paper, since all the information for the crew and customer is in the computer and on a tablet."

No more paper means a digital BOL that can never be lost and can be accessed anywhere. No need for your foreman to do any math. Steve's team also automates their billing fully.

No more lost leads and cancellations

For moving companies, it's crucial to turn leads into jobs quickly (and here are some tips to increase leads). The longer it takes to turn around an accurate quote, the more likely it is that they've already chosen a different mover. Before, Steve needed his computer and would take at least 30 minutes to get back to a customer. But now, "with customers inputting the information with the details of the move, all we do is click one button and send." And Steve can do everything from his mobile phone.

In the past, collecting payment ahead of time wasn't an option either. "There was a challenge of not being able to to commit the customers to the move. We didn't have a way of taking in credit card information." With Supermove, customers can be required to input their payment info as a cancellation policy. The card data is safely stored and protected, and cancellations decreased by 70%.

The best part about Supermove?

"I love the team, and the customer service that you guys provide. You guys are true partners," Steve says. "But seriously, I would ask any of the movers out there: How would you like to work smarter, not harder? Because with the speed and efficiency of Supermove, it's gonna allow you to do other things in the company that you weren't able to do or that was holding you back from making more money."