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Able Moving prepares to crack $40M with Supermove

Steve Kuhn, CEO

Meet Steve Kuhn, CEO of Able Moving & Storage, based in Manassas, VA.

Able Moving & Storage takes pride in its attention to detail and the approach to improve the company’s internal processes was done in the same way. As a company that is diversified in HHG, commercial, international, storage, and logistics, Steve was looking for a system that could weave everything together. It seemed like an impossible task, but he knew having the right software was pivotal to crack $40M in revenue this year.

As a mover, shaker, and thinker, Steve grew up in the industry and has an intimate understanding of all the tools needed to be successful. "The moving industry is simply not up to speed with the rest of the world when it comes to tech." He was frustrated by the lack of innovation in the industry’s technology, but that all changed when he found Supermove.

Can moving software ever be intuitive?

In Steve's experience, Able Moving has always worked with software that was too complex, making it difficult to manage his company's workflows. "Supermove is a very intuitive system. With user steps that make sense, you are able to navigate through a whole new system without a lot of training." Supermove's interface is designed to be simple enough even if you haven't used any moving software before.

When we first started building Supermove, we kept the user experience top of mind, and continue to do so when adding new features. "The simplicity of use for all of our office staff is incredible," emphasizes Steve.

"We make a suggestion and it gets implemented immediately"

"My favorite thing about Supermove? The flexibility and the timeliness of the customizations." When partnering with new customers, detailed customizations are part of the implementation process. In his past experiences with other companies, he started to avoid making changes. "Whenever we requested certain customizations for our old moving software, something else would break. After a while, we just didn't think it was worth asking for even simple changes." At Supermove, we thrive off customer feedback and are continuously improving the software to ultimately help them succeed in their business. The customizations are added seamlessly, without complications. Supermove invests a significant portion of resources into hiring great engineering talent, so partners like Able Moving can benefit and not have to worry about technology ever again.

Tariffs and rating programs

Steve needed a faster way to accomplish tasks that took hours everyday, especially for the interstate and intrastate side of his business that is rapidly growing. "Tariffs and rating programs from outside sources add a lot of complexity when you're doing things manually," says Steve. "Our team loves your digital inventories, estimates, and BOL's. There's no more math required since the software automates it for you."

When you want to handle all types of moves, Supermove is your one-stop shop. We do moves from local to interstate and everything between. With a single dashboard, you can manage all of your moves.

"There's no comparison"

It is our job to ensure that every one of our partners' staff and crew members become an expert of our product quickly. We are with you every step of the way during implementation (and after too). Our stats show that we onboard our customers in 20-30 days on average, which can vary depending on the size of the company.

For Able Moving, the project timeline was reliable, deliberate, and fast to make sure all departments involved were properly trained. We asked Steve how the implementation process has compared to other experiences he's had. "The process has exceeded my expectations. There's you, then there's everyone else. There's no comparison."

What's one word you would use to describe Supermove?

"Friendly," Steve begins, "because your software has logic that flows and is easy to use. Friendly is also when we make a suggestion and it gets implemented immediately."

"This is the first time I've ever seen our company as a whole (from all the different sectors of operations, marketing, sales, customer service) all be delighted with the product and service," says Steve. When we met Steve and his team last year, we were thrilled to be working with such a fast-growing business. It's been a great partnership so far and we've already seen how it will help them scale — and it's only just the beginning.